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19th May 2014 London, Village Underground


Line up: 

Neil Halstead, Rachel Goswell, Simon Scott, Christian Savill, Nick Chaplin


Intro (Deep Blue Day by Brian Eno)
Catch The Breeze
Crazy For You
Machine Gun
40 Days
Blue Skied an' Clear
Souvlaki Space Station
When The Sun Hits
She Calls
Golden Hair



(*) live debut

Support acts: 


Known recordings: 

Source: AUD
Format: WAV
Taper: dsanchez
Equipment: iRiver iHP-120 + MM-MCSM-8 Microphones


The tickets for this show were sold out in -literally- one minute, a record in Slowdive's history.

From an interview with Nick Chaplin:

this was the show that would be reviewed and written about, people had paid lots of money for tickets and airfares even in some cases. We couldn’t afford to mess it up. But really, although we were probably more nervous as a result, it just felt completely normal walking back on stage and playing those songs again. Sometimes we had to pinch our collective self when we realised that there were 800 people in there who had gone to extraordinary lengths to get tickets, and we could probably have sold it out three times over. The last time we played in London in 1994, I think about 200 people turned up and we couldn’t give tickets away. And then the reaction was amazing – some people were crying. We even had a crowd surfer! I don’t remember leaving the stage and what we did afterwards, I know there was a huge relief that we’d actually done it, not messed it up, and people were happy.

I wouldn't have attended this gig if it was not for Niall McNeill who sold me his ticket. Thanks again!