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9th April 1994 Boston (MA), Middle East Club


Line up: 

Neil Halstead, Rachel Goswell, Ian McCutcheon, Christian Savill, Nick Chaplin


Intro: An Ending (Ascent) by Brian Eno
Machine Gun
Souvlaki Space Station
Catch The Breeze
40 Days
Melon Yellow
When The Sun Hits
Losing Today

Support acts: 

Mistle Thrush, Magic Hour (ex Galaxie 500)

Known recordings: 

Audio recording circulates.


From the Holding Our Breath Official Fanzine Part 4: Slowdive – Tour Diary, pages 25-29, written by Rachel Goswell:

The gig was sold out tonight. Really good atmosphere, I think we played everything 100 times faster than we should have done, and Neil was none too impressed by the rest of us, but still a good time was had by all. Bit of a one off with regards to the alcohol intake before the gig. As a rule, well normally anyway everyone is pretty much sober until after the gig is finished. Oh well. It has to happen once in a while!