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5th April 1994 Washington D.C., Black Cat


Line up: 

Neil Halstead, Rachel Goswell, Ian McCutcheon, Christian Savill, Nick Chaplin


Setlist unknown

Support acts: 

Lorelei, Le Bradford

Known recordings: 

Audio recording circulates.


Middlebury Campus 1994-04-28 : Volume 92, Issue 24: Slowdive creates mood and deserves a listen in the bathtub


From the Holding Our Breath Official Fanzine Part 4: Slowdive – Tour Diary, pages 25-29, written by Rachel Goswell:

It looks (The Black Cat) too big venue for us. We all groan when we see the size of it. Various people are milling around. The two support bands, Lorelei and Le Bradford are there setting up their equipment. This is supposedly a 500 capacity venue, tho' it looks bigger. Apparently, when it's full it doesn't look it due to fire regulations. We find out Carter are playing at the 9:30 club, and we get our usual paronia trip about no-one turning up. We end up with around 270 people, over twice as many as Carter. It looks respectable enough and the gig goes surprisingly smoothly. First nights are notoriously plagued with mistakes, but tonight we play reasonably well. Steve from Lorelei kindly offers to put us up for the night. Totally amazing house. One hundred acres of land. Unfortunately, it was raining the following morning so we didn't really venture out"