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26th October 1993 Praha, Klub Bunkr


Line up: 

Neil Halstead, Rachel Goswell, Simon Scott, Christian Savill, Nick Chaplin


Intro: An Ending (Ascent) by Brian Eno
Machine Gun
Souvlaki Space Station
Catch the Breeze
Melon Yellow
She Calls

(Unconfirmed Setlist)


From the Slowdive Newsletter, November 1993 written by Rachel Goswell:

"October was probably my favourite month of the year, we did a three week tour of Europe with Cranes (again!), we covered Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Germany (...) Cranes went off to play in Slovenia and Italy and we went off to play in Prague, which was excellent fun, still we were sad to part company."


Thanks to Marco Bouwman for sharing the Slowdive Newsletter from Nov 1993 that confirms this gig and to Brian for confirming the date and venue.


I was in Prague for this show. My journal gives the date 26 October, 1993, and the venue was the Bunkr, some kind of former military installation.

I went to this gig whilst travelling around Eastern Europe. It was at Klub Bunkr on Lodecká street. The Bunkr was a ground floor cafe with a downstairs bar-club-gig venue and was open from 1991 until being shut down in 1997. Bunkr Parukářka opened later in a different part of Prague. I had seen Slowdive a few times before and was amazed how loud and heavy they sounded that night. Souvaki Space Station was incredible with loads of delay. Rachel wore a white T-shirt with a Tube map of London with the words ‘London Underground’ which made us slightly homesick.