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24th April 1994 Mons, Les Casemates 'Monster Rock Festival'


Line up: 

Neil Halstead, Rachel Goswell, Ian McCutcheon, Christian Savill, Nick Chaplin


Intro (An Ending -Ascent- by Brian Eno)
Machine Gun
Souvlaki Space Station
Catch The Breeze
40 Days
Melon Yellow
When The Sun Hits
Losing Today

Support acts: 

Blur, Miranda Sex Garden, Mint400, Dog Faced Hermans, Purple Hands, Rene Biname & Les Roues de Secours, Popscene, Oil Seed Rape, Vlot Vooruit

Known recordings: 

Audio recording circulates.


From the Official Slowdive Newsletter #1, page 1, 1994:

After America we did a couple of festivals in Europe. These were in Amsterdam and Mons (Belgium). These were both indoors, and Blur were the main band. We were out for around five days. Both gigs were pretty mental. In Mons there were a number of English bands playing, Miranda Sex Gardens’ drummer was beaten up the night before and hospitalized by a friendly bouncer in a local club. This was due to him having long hair, and the bouncer not liking that. This news did disturb us somewhat, and made us wonder what we’d let ourselves in for! Still, we didn’t personally have any mishaps


Thanks to Christophe Thys for the advert scan.