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23rd July 2014 Taipei, The Wall


Line up: 

Neil Halstead, Rachel Goswell, Simon Scott, Christian Savill, Nick Chaplin


Intro: Deep Blue Day by Brian Eno
Catch The Breeze
Crazy For You
Machine Gun
Blue Skied an Clear
Souvlaki Space Station
When the Sun Hits
She Calls
Golden Hair

Encore 1:
40 Days

Encore 2:
Golden Hair (reprise)

Support acts: 

愉悅科學 (Pleasure Science)


Sold out gig.

On 22nd July, one day before the show, the band published a message on Facebook and Twitter asking for help because their instruments didn't arrive to Taipei:

URGENT !! We have just arrived in Taipei but unfortunately our guitars and pedal -boards and cymbals are still in Chicago!!!...If anyone in Taipei , musicians , bands , SHOEGAZERS , anyone at all...has any equipment they could lend us or hire to us please do get in touch (send a PM Here) otherwise it may be a very quiet gig tomorrow!!! We will be extremely grateful....We need Reverb pedals, Delay pedals, Distortion pedals , Chorus pedals, pedal-boards, leads ... We need guitars ,A LEFT HANDED GUITAR for Christian, guitars for Neil as well....whatever we can get our hands on to make this happen....THANKYOU! ..fingers X

After a big response from the fans, most of the problem was sorted out almost in one hour. Again on Facebook, the band posted this:

AMAZING RESPONSE!!! thanks to everyone.....sooo good...!!..i think we have most of what we need...just looking for left handed guitars

The day of the concert, the band published a thank you note for everyone who helped them:

Thanks to every single person lending equipment for tonight's show in Taipei! Truely awesome! The reason our own equipment didn't arrive here is because it was being freighted separately and due to the typhoon the flight was cancelled and we couldn't get the equipment onto another plane in time. It is headed to Japan for Fuji rocks though