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17th November 1995 Paris, France-Inter Radio Station 'Black Session'


Line up: 

Neil Halstead, Rachel Goswell, Simon Rowe, Alan Forrester, Ian McCutcheon, Poppy Gonzalez


Candle Song 3
Where Is The Love?
Love Songs On The Radio
Tomorrows Taken
You're Beautiful
After All

Known recordings: 

FM recording available for download at Live Music Archive


From the Mojave 3 Official Bandography:

Their first, nervewrecking, according to Rachel Goswell, performance as a full band was in Paris, France, November 17th, 1995. This was at at a radio station called France-Inter, where they made a "Black Session", which is a program with audience (about 100) in the studio, organised by Bernard Lenoir, and broadcast live throughout France. They played eight songs, with Poppy Gonzalez on a grand piano